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One On One Tutoring

What is TutoringPlus? What makes it different? TutoringPlus offers personal one on one tutoring. Our personal attention starts at the initial consultation where parents and Mrs. Klafter sit down and plan a course of action to help their student succeed.  This is an in depth conversation into what is impeding their student’s progress –

  • Lack of understanding of prior subject matter
  • Student’s motivation
  • Classroom attention

After a plan has been designed, each student will meet with Mrs. Klafter for one hour for intermediate and above grade levels.  Primary students work on academics for 30-45 minutes with the remainder of the hour being spent on a personal activity designed for the individual student.  This activity will always have learning intertwined.

The warm environment at TutoringPlus with its welcoming couches and child centered activities is conducive to learning.

The most specific difference between TutoringPlus and others is that Mrs. Klafter works directly with the student’s teacher.  Because of her 25+ years of teaching in public schools she is able to communicate with teachers in a positive way with the end result always being a student’s success.

When I work with students I strive to build their confidence and to ignite their love for learning…not just while they are with me but continued throughout their days. I listen and seek solutions to the problems impeding their understanding. Throughout my 25+ years of working with students this has produced many success stories.

Sharon Klafter, Owner

Educational Workshops

Hands On Equations

The earlier students start thinking algebraically the easier the course will be when they are officially in it. Hands On Equations shows students how to decipher a “polynomial equation” by using pawns on a makeshift balance. They solve for “x” like they were playing a board game. Knowing their multiplication facts helps but, if not, it teaches the facts by using them over and over. TutoringPlus offers it to 3rd through 6th graders. Students work at their own speed in a relaxed group setting.

Creative Exploration

Sometimes a child voices an interest in a certain area. At TutoringPlus we take that interest and investigate, research, hypothesize and learn how to look beyond the surface of things. Obtaining knowledge in order to share that knowledge can be a lifelong endeavor. We have fun becoming “educated”. This can be done with a single student or a group of like-minded students. There is not telling where this exploration will go.

Book Clubs

Reading is instrumental in students’ success in all subjects. Enjoying it makes for even greater success. At TutoringPlus we choose a book applicable to the students involved. We “travel” inside the book to learn how to actually feel the story. Students get to keep the book. This ability will help students tackle assigned reading in their courses even though they may not be interested initially in the subject matter.

Family Math Night

During Family Math Night, students work with their family member(s) to solve “critical thinking” problems. Many problems are hands on using manipulatives. Refreshments are available and FUN is emphasized. Students enjoy solving a problem that occasionally even their adult counterparts can’t.

Intro to Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Introduction takes some of the more difficult concepts facing students in Algebra 1 and gives them a head start on understanding the terms and operations of those concepts. In a small group relaxed setting students feel comfortable to ask questions to promote understanding. Practice and an evaluation of understanding are given.

Algebra 1 and 2

TutoringPlus offers continued assistance in Algebra 1 and 2 either individually or in a small group setting. Sometimes students are able to better understand algebra concepts when they are offered in a more relaxed setting. We provide that.

Additional Tutoring Services

Homeschooler Tutoring

TutoringPlus welcomes homeschoolers! We provide assistance for elementary and middle school students by offering the teaching of skills at our site or in helping parents pull their ideas together to teach their students themselves.

Deciding to homeschool a child is a big decision. The commitment involved is even larger. Actually there is a percentage of homeschooling being done even when a child attends a public or private school. There is homework which often needs further explanation and enrichment which comes in family visits to museums, sporting events, and, yes, even visits to the grocery store. Every experience in a child’s life can be a learning experience. When a family chooses to homeschool the full responsibility for learning what is needed to fulfill today’s standard educational requirements falls directly on the family. There may not be a back up. Tutoring plus can provide that support.

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